Renewal of the Mind

Do Not Be Conformed To This World, But Be Transformed By The Renewal Of Your MIND~ Romans 12:2

1. After accepting Jesus in your heart, the Holy Spirit comes and starts the process of sanctification, to make us Christ like.

. Turn your mind, body and soul over to God. If you are watching TV programs, reading books and magazines, listening to music and lyrics that are not uplifting your spirit and filling you with joy, STOP it and replace it with God’s Word and the truth said about who you are as adopted child of the most high God, and start memorizing scriptures that will set you free, eternally.

. Do not go back in your mind about past events that have left you feeling bad about your life. The tape recorder in your mind is playing all the time, if you don’t ask the Holy Spirit to erase that bad memory by the blood of Jesus, it won’t be erased, and it will torment and control your emotions.

 4. We do not war with people, but the battle is in our minds against powers of darkness. Evil thoughts fly like birds, but we don’t let them build a nest there. We chase them away, by speaking the Word over and over again.

Thank you Jesus for your love, power and sound mind, I praise you for the peace that surpasses all understanding, and your protection. Your joy is my strength and I trust you with all my heart, mind and  strength, thank you for saving my soul and sending the Holy Spirit.


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