False Security of True Salvation

1.   Saved or Lost   “Without conviction of sin,  no godly confession, that leads to true salvation” Luke 19:10,   John 3:3, 10:27,  14:6

2.   Narrow or Wide   “All roads don’t lead to Heaven, all books written about God are not Holy”  Matthew 7:13-14   Proverbs 3:16, 12:28

3.   Repentance or Regret    “If repentance has not led to transformed life, it is not from God”  Mark 2:17, 4:20   2 Corinthians 7:10

4.  Relationship or Religion   “Religion is the best deception of Satan to prevent relationship”  John 8:44 , 10:10

5.   Abiding or Fallen away    “Those who abide and obey will eat the fruit of the promised Land”  John 15:5-6

6.  Freedom or Bondage   “You are a slave of whom you obey and seek their approval”  John 8:31, 32, 34, 36

 7.  Eternal Life or Death   “Everyone is responsible for the destiny of their eternal soul”  John 10:28    John 14:2-3    Revelations 1:18


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