A Good Leader

1.    A good leader is not bossy. He is a good listener and manager of the skills of people assigned to lead and direct.

 2.    Bossy leader might get his/her way by pushing their agenda forward, but  they will lose the person they pushed, will be avoided by people.

 3.    Micromanagement is trying to make the person you are to lead just like you. Only God made us in His own image, not given to man to do so to another man.

 4.    Appreciation and genuine compliment goes a long way. A simple thank you is vital for keeping the good staff you are blessed with.

 5.    Fault finding and hypercriticism and name calling is the best way to lose relationships and cause deep hurts that can not be healed.

 6.    Overseeing someone’s fault and trying to correct them in love not in arrogance, is a way to win a friend for life.

 7.    Leaders must be learners. Seek wise advice on how to lead according to individual personal bent of a person. People are not alike.

 8.    Good leaders leave good successors to their field of specialty.

 9.    Mocking and sarcasm should never be used by a leader. Never share someone’s weakness with another, causes friction and division.

 10.   Demonstrate leadership by asking how they think about the task at hand, welcome new ideas for consideration.

 11.   Patience and love for the people, and perseverance with peoples’ unique personality type, will bring the best result for all involved.

 12.   Praying leaders get wisdom and help to lead and are fully equipped.  For good leaders are God led people, by the spirit of the living God!


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