The Gospel in a Nutshell

~ So Simple, our ten fingers say it all, start

~ God, man, Garden, Satan, Fall of Man…..

~ Jesus, Resurrection, Eternal Heaven, 2nd~
   Return of Christ, Eternal Hell…………………

~ God made man, placed him in the garden, Satan deceived man,
   man fell from the grace, lost his first love to God.

~ Jesus came, the cross, rose again, brought eternal life, will come
    back the 2nd time, those rejecting Him condemned to hell.

~ When we read the Bible and believe the authority of God:
1. It exposes our sinfulness, brings us to true confession
2. It penetrates our immaturity and uncertainty in life
3. It breaks our stubbornness and false identity of self

~ The Word of God is LIVING and powerful:
1. When we read it, it produces joy and peace
2. When we study it, it gives us wisdom
3. When we memorize it, it purifies our thoughts
4. When we quote it by faith, it defeats the enemy
5. When we meditate on it, it anchors our soul

~ Once you are impacted this way, you will respect the Word!



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