Submisson Prayer

This prayer is a follow up to new birth prayer to those who are led by the Holy Spirit to fully submit their lives to Christ, deny their personal will, plans and pride and pick up the cross assigned for them and fully surrender and follow Christ unto death (Luke 9:23).

“Dear Heavenly Father, I want to respond to your divine and noble call on my life, to win souls for Christ, by fully submitting to you. Today I am saying yes to Jesus, and I am through fighting you and through hanging on to what this world offers me in pleasure and riches that are means of deception to keep me from the better life in Christ, because I value eternal life and pure and clean righteous living more.

I come to you as I am, releasing my past and trusting you with my future, with all the pain, hurt, suffering, anger, disappointments, injustice, bitterness toward so many for all that has happened to me and my loved ones. I believe that my worth is based on what Jesus did on the cross for me, and based on that kind of love you have for me, I trust you will only do what is right and best for me, that’s why I will let go of my life and embrace the cross and go wherever you lead me, and I am ashamed of you no longer, but I am choosing to be a Christian “faithful follower of Christ”, the life of discipleship from this day forward (Matthew 28:18-20).

Thank you for the power of the gospel and the power of the blood and the word of our testimony, it is real Lord, as we respond to the work of the Holy Spirit in confession of sin and full repentance, we are born again, born from above, as Jesus commanded us to be in John 3:3 in order to see and enter the Kingdom of God. Now I declare your grace to abide over our lives and household, so that every time we fail and sin, your mercy and grace will cover us to buy us time to confess and be forgiven continuously that is available to us freely by humbly asking (1 John 1:9).

Thank you for ample mercy that has covered and sustained us all those years, and protected us from multitude of harms we  are unaware, please fill us and empower us with your Holy Spirit for service and anoint us for deliverance and healing. As you extend your arm, I extend my hands toward you to pull me from the pit and the path of the destroyer. I declare you to be my fortress and refuge and I place everything and everyone in my life in your blessed hands.

Please give me compassion, courage and wisdom to share the gospel kindly but firmly to the lonely, hurting, confused lost souls, as well as those who are about to slip into eternal judgment unaware of what is awaiting them if they reject Christ before they die. Thank you for using me for this noble and honorable work of salvation, we praise you Lord, thank you for your willing sacrifice, what huge love was demonstrated on the cross at Calvary! Thank you for sending us the Holy Spirit, help us not to grieve Him but submit to him daily as He leads us and guides us in the path of righteousness.

I ask this in Jesus Name, Amen” 


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